Aomatsu Japanese Corvallis User Reviews

And, another point of view: I give it a little better grade. I judge the sushi and sashimi to be relatively safe (I eat it). Pretty average, but if you crave Japanese and you're in Corvallis, your choices are limited. Recommended.

6/29/09 LM: Though they offer some wonderful rolls such as the Playboy and Super California Roll, the service is horrible, not very kid friendly (be expected to sit far in the corner and forgotten if you have a child or two with you), and the place smells like amonia. I still would keep going back to the place if only because I like some of the rolls, but they are not open Sundays or Mondays which seem to be when I want to eat sushi. And they don't open till 5 for dinner, even on Saturdays.

Aomatsu: Good sushi and tempera. I know several people who love the Aomatsu bowl but it isn^Òt for everyone. I^Òve eaten sushi in a lot of places around the world and while it is not the best, it is definitely good (and I love sushi). The donburi, katsu and other dishes are not to my taste (though I haven^Òt liked them anywhere else either). Recommended (if you like Sushi).

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