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BK 6/5/10: Block 15 was the worst experience my family and I have had. The hostess skipped over us, and as an excuse said that they were not allowed to put two tables together to fix[seat] people even though we had just watched a family leave a table that did that. The service was awful, and after waiting an hour to be seated we had to wait another hour for our food. They also messed up on two of our orders. We talked to the manager and all we got was one free dessert. Stay away for sure!

8/13/08 MS: Corvallis got a real brew pub. The beer here is good and the selection varies frequently. I like the Printmasters pale. Nice sharp, crisp beer that has a good amount of hops. Very drinkable. As for the food here, it can be hit and miss. I^Òve had a few burgers that were great and some that were so-so. The biggest thing seems to be if they are overcooked. Fries are twice fried, beer batter so they are generally crisper then real fresh hand cut fries (like you get a Squirell^Òs or McMin^Òs). I^Òve had a number of other things here (fish and chips, sausage and mash, Rueben, BLT, ^Å) and most fit the bill of being standard pub fare. Not a bad thing if that^Òs what you are in the mood for. The place is low key and family friendly. Recommended.

4/15/08 TN: Having been to Block 15 numerous times I would highly recommend this LOCAL BREWERY any day. Lets start with the beer, being a home brewer for 6 years I'm grinning ear to ear having block 15. Corvallis was in need of a brewery other than Oregon trail and i don't even count Mcmenamins, their beer is terrible. Not trying to diss on Oregon trail but their selection is low. The variety and quality of beer at Block 15 is what we needed in C-town, just look at their brewery! Printmasters Pale: great beer brewed to style, good hop aroma and flavor. great citrus hop finish...Highly recommended IPA: Bitter, truly hoppy and intense. Northwest hop lovers will love this beer. Recommended Ridgeback Red: Great red beer with good hop tones and nice malt background. Being at 6.5% percent alcohol (website Block ... hardly a mild beer. Highly recommended Stout: I'm pretty sure the brewer is medal winner in this style and everyone I know that's had it has loved it. I haven't tried it yet but i will next time! Belgian: Great malt and yeast flavor and true to style. Recommended GLO: Great session beer, crisp clean and refreshing. On the lower side of alcohol content so i can have a couple and without feeling too tipsy. Recommended These are the beers I have tried so far. The food is good, they have an amazing pulled pork sandwich. If you like smoked meats then this is a must. Great local brewery with a laid back atmosphere. I would highly recommend trying this restaurant and then write your review. Support your local businesses.

3/27/08 SG: Tried the new restaurant in town for lunch and I would give it a "recommended" rating. I had a small "BBQ styled dressing" salad with chicken and it was good, although maybe an extra piece of garlic bread would have been nice. But, it had good flavor and the greens were fresh and crisp. My lunch associate had the pulled pork sandwich (for the second time in a week there) so it must have been good the first time around too. The fries looked very good, and there were plenty of them. The place was clean, although a little cool inside. I can't wait to try the beers next time.

3/21/08 GC: Last night (the 20th) I went to Block 15 with some friends, and my wife. It was slow to start, but once our food came to us, it was good. The chalkboard tables help pass the time when you initially wait for service. Once service came, the waitress was really nice, and knowledgeable about other bars in the area. I had the lasagna and enjoyed it immensely. My wife had the fish and chips, also a great meal. The Pub nachos are made with fresh ingredients, and in no way are velvetta-craptastic, my wife, who has hated nachos since a bad experience in New Zealand, enjoyed them as much as the rest of us. My friend said the chicken sandwich was the best he had ever had. Quite the feat, he is picky in his food stuffs. My only complaint is that when wandering out of the bathroom into the game room, you walk directly in front of the dart boards. I almost had a dart thrown at me, but luckily they saw me coming. They should put up a bar to block passage in front of the dart boards. Especially being a bar, and everyone being intoxicated. All and all it was a great experience. Definitely recommended. I forgot to mention that my friend had the beer sampler, and enjoyed it as well. His girlfriend ordered the Block 15 Ice Tea, quite the stiff drink, but definitely worth the money. Our meal came to 48.25 with everything, which is pretty well priced for the area.

3/13/08 RM: Been to Block 15 three times now. The beer really is wonderful and even better since they make so much of it on location. Be ready to relax and not be in a hurry, slow service. The golden and IPA stand out as great beers. Dig the simple and understated atmosphere. Having a chalk board as a table is a nice creative twist for downtown Corvallis. McMenamins watch out because the staff service is so much better for a new restaurant/pub, they seem to care. But they need to be careful about the cold food that should be hot! Two out three times is the food has been cold. No one should eat a cold burger! Not so cool and the staff seems embarrassed about it. The last time we told them and the owner responded and for that reason I will try it a few more times. Squirrelâ^À^Ùs has the best burgers and better bar service in town for the right price. Block 15 needs to ramp up the service and work out some of the kitchen problems, then I think we will have another great place to hang out, eat and drink great beer. Recommend trying Block 15.

3/13/08 HD: I have tried this place twice in the last two weeks. I am not favorably impressed. Last week I spent $7.50 for a turkey sandwich that was nothing special; I was expecting better turkey on the sandwich, not the thin sliced deli turkey. If you order the turkey sandwich, ask them to leave the onions off, who really wants a thick slice of onion to overpower a turkey and cheese sandwich? Today I spent $6.50 for chicken tenders. The chicken tenders were fine, the fries were greasy and limp. I know some people like them that way, though. I also had a $3.00 root beer (specially brewed onsite). It was very disappointing; I think A & W and Henry Weinhard's both have better root beer. The wait staff is friendly, however both times I have had to hunt the waitress down to ask for my check after my meal. Finally, their price on growlers seems very high to me at $11 to fill during the week, $13 for IPA, and on weekends the special price is $7 / $8 for IPA. Go to the Ram in Salem; they have $4.50 growlers on weekends, and a punch card that gives you the 7th growler free.

3/12/08 DB: We went to block 15 after Rhapsody in the vineyard this weekend and even though it was very crowded, the beer was good! We had a double belgium, their IPA, and their golden. All were great. We didn't eat anything but entertained ourselves playing darts and shuffleboard.

3/7/08 KM: After anticipating the opening of Block 15 for so long, I am saddened to report it is a mediocre place to eat and drink. The atmosphere and decor are great for family dining. The wait staff friendly. The pasta dishes are OK but nothing to go on about. Pesto pasta is merely OK. The marinara sauce more like spaghetti sauce. We looked forward to drinking some great tasting beer and and were greatly disappointed. The red was too mild and the dark, while better, just didn't compare to most. All in all I would rather spend an evening at McMenamins. I would, however, rate this as suggested and intend to go back to try the burgers.

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