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5/28/09 BB: We had bomb's away catering are [at our] company picnic and I wasn't to thrilled about having them two years in a row, i think the food should have been alot better for the price of the catering.

11/13/08 RD: One of my favorite places to eat in Corvallis is Bombs Away. It is next to a college campus and usually has a beverage special, so expect a raucous atmosphere. Items from the main menu are unexceptional Tex-Mex, although the tostadas are notable with fresh greens and corn salsa, and the Bomber nachos are popular. Look instead to the dinner specials. From there I have found some of the best prepared lamb and fish dishes in town (try the lamb shanks, if listed), and at a much lower price than places like Big River. The meals can be spicy, but can usually be prepared with a milder sauce (just ask), and on a related note, avoid the Diablo sauce unless you can stand the heat. The meats and vegetables are usually (if not always) organic and fresh. As mentioned before, there's usually a beverage special, so they are sometimes crowded (like Tuesday nights, micro-brews $2), the service is irregular, and they charge for chips and salsa even when you order dinner. In spite of that, it gets my recommendation.

7/8/08 BC: I felt like I had to give a more positive spin to Bombs Away. We go there fairly regularly, especially on Tuesdays for $2 pint night, but I have to admit that part of the allure is that it is fairly close to home. I like their wet burritos with Christmas sauce, their tofu shitake nachos and the fact that I always see people I know there. My friends enjoy their other cheap drink nights. My only complaint is that I think they serve their beer a bit too warm although they say it is the "optimum temperature". Bombs also features some good bands at night during the school year. Not the best place for music but practically the only place in Corvallis with good rockin' music and some room to dance.

And: Food is not great but a nice casual atmosphere. Suggested.

And more: Their tex mex style food comes with good seasoning and generous portions. Daily specials sheet is the place to turn to for some of the most creative food in town. Pork quesadilla is usually one of the dishes we get if we don^Òt get specials. Soups are hearty and a cup with bread or tortilla is enough for a light dinner.

And: Many good veg. options, and the food is mostly locally grown. Almost always like what I get. Recommended.

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