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AB 4/27/10: Brew Station has either undergone new management, or now officially has an actual business plan; regardless, I would reccomend them easily over other "quick" pub options. First; beer: They have recently expanded to roughly 10 or 12 beers on tap, and rotate quite frequently. Beer selection consists primarily of popular microbrews and various generic brands, but all-in-all, very good. service is immediate, unless it's happy hour, and then it's packed and you may have to wait in line for up to 10 minutes. But being busy is hardly a negative aspect of a bar, as some reviews on this site seem to think. Odd, busy typically suggests repeat customers, Which in turn implies high rate of satisfaction. 2nd; coffee: They have a huge selection typical of every oter coffee-house in Corvallis. Nothing missed there. Only downside is that sometimes it may take extra time for your drink because there may be only one or two employees on hand. This is typically only a problem in the morning, when the brew station faces a TON of students on their way to class. 3rd, food: They have a variety of food, from bagel breakfast sandwhiches, to cheeseburgers, and healthy wraps, and various smoothies. All cheap; all okay (nothing spectacular- but for the price hard to beat). Appetizers and happy hour are totally with it! Pints are less than 4$ usually, and depending on the Tuesdays, there is a "bartenders choice" which means you get a pint for $2. Very cool! 4th; atmosphere. The brew station has covered outdoor seating, uncovered outdoor seating, bar style indoor seating, high top seating, and standard table seating. The outdoor has music playing usully, or radio/games if there is a sporting event. The indoors, equipped with full AC for the summer, has 2 large LCD screens (usually muted, unless it's football season or a big game is on). Music is usually piped over the indoors at a very low volume. Oh and there is a large variety of students and older patrons who frequent this joint. 5, service. They are Friendly always, and usually quick- depending upon the number of patrons. Never have had a bad experience with my order, the time it takes to get it, etc... 6, bonus info: They have happy hour every day from 4-7. Pints are 2.95$ a pint. Pint night Tuesday- can't remember the price of the pints, but it's low. Also they have promo's every week, with cheap beers and samplers (might be free sampler of promo). Also, they have a tanning bed place connected in the same building- very cool. Oh ya, they give you the remote to choose whats on tv if u want. On top of all this, they also have free wi-fi. Overall: A+ Only downside: I think they still close at 8pm- so you have to get in there early, and, due to it's heavy popularity during happy hour, expect a short wait in line. But then again, if the business you are visiting is empty, should you really be there?

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