La Roca / La Rockita Corvallis User Reviews

1/21/09 BR: Best Mexican in town, hands down. I concur with the previous reviewer that the 9th street location is slightly better than the Western street location, although it can get pretty busy. Wonderful Al Pastor tacos, the carnitas kills (alas, probably literally, it's a heart attack on a stick - but fantastic), great salsa, and great service (at both locations). I recommend one meat soft taco with a side of beans and a side of tortillas. Roll yr own tacos and enjoy! All for under $5, if you can believe it. Highly recommended.

12/15/08 TB: I stumbled upon your site looking for coupons to go out tonight and got caught up reading some of the reviews. I would like to "Highly Recommend" LaRoca as a premier Mexican food establishment that rivals any I've been too throughout the country. For the price it is hands down a fabulous place to grab a very flavorable burrito, taco, nacho's or enchilada. We have basically stopped going to the "finer" Mexican restaurants in the area and sticking with LaRoca now. We prefer the location on 9th street the best as the cook their seems to do a slightly better job with the food prepartion than the new location in downtown. We just tried the Philomath location on our way to the coast and that too was nearly "perfect" for the chorizo taco's and super burrito with mole sauce poured over it. I have never eaten a tastier "breakfast burrito" than the chorizo burrito at LaRoco (never had good chorizo until there as well or always to scared to try it). You do need to like spicy foods on some of the meals but we are all trying out different items on the menu (which is hard to to sometimes because each thing seems so dang good hard not to want to order same thing everytime). So far nothing I have eaten there wasn't very, very, very good. The portions are large and you find yourself thinking "why in the world would I pay twice the price at a fancy restaurant for food not nearly as good?" The guys at work all go to LaRoca's at least once a week and many clients who fly in here request us to take them there when on return visits. Great flavorable food, large portions, great prices and very nice people who run these shops. Can get overcrowded during lunch but well worth the wait!

10/5/08 HM: Delicious burritos! Very friendly and fast. Best salsa in town. Highly recommended.

3/8/08 BC: They recently opened another restaurant where Grempsey's used to be. I have only eaten at their Philomath dive but I think their food is great and inexpensive, especially the chicken tamales.

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