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10/5/2008 HM: good food, but poor service. I have been treated rudely by a woman who wears and apron with the name "Sam" on it (the owner?) more than once. For example, my mom and I wanted to share an omelet and we were told there was an extra plate fee, so we asked if that meant we got extra potatoes and toast and "Sam" practically bit our heads off. She seems quite rude to the young wait staff as well. It's enough to make me feel uncomfortable and like I am inconveniencing her for eating at her establishment. I mean, if you're that annoyed to run a cafe, maybe a change in career is in order? But, some customer service and kindness could make this a great place to eat because they do have good food and the best bacon/cheddar omelet in town. Suggested, if you can overlook the rude atmosphere and be ready to wait a long time to order, get coffee, get your food, etc.

2/1/2008 ME: Sam's Station is the only place, other than the occasional Sunnyside Up, where we will eat breakfast in Corvallis. We enjoy simple breakfasts - potatoes and eggs or omelettes, usually with greek fillings, and they always meet our expectations. The prices are average or slightly higher, but the ingredients they use are worth it - good eggs and Yukon Gold potatoes - sliced fresh, not from a frozen Sysco bag like many local restaurants use. I havn't tried anything other than eggs / omelettes, but these are enough to keep me coming back. Plus, it's fun to look through the little window in the back and watch the owner baking everything! It's nice to see an owner actually working hard in his business. Strongly recommend.

And: Best breakfast in town. Generous Yukon gold potatoes with most dishes, wonderfully browned and seasoned. Breakfast IS served every morning except Monday when they take a break. Lunches, pastries and bread are also very good.

And: By far, the worse service I've ever had. I continue to go back, due to the lack of breakfast places. My girlfriend and I were in there last weekend for breakfast, it took two reminders to bring us our coffee after 20 minutes. The food is tasty, but we noticed several other tables sharing our experience. This has happened to use 80% of the time we have visited, and after the last, vowed to eat elsewhere. Not recommended.

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