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7/19/09 LP: Rating is a 'C', though I'd like to give it higher. Had dinner at Tokyo Happy Steakhouse on 7/19. We went with the intent of getting something a little different for dinner. We've not tried Tokyo Happy before, but we do eat Japanese a lot, and have been to a lot of teppanyaki places around the country. Overall - the decor was about what we expected. Service was a bit off - for example we got the water we asked for when we got there 1/2 way through our dinner, and on the way out there were three waitresses playing cards at the bar next to the door - if they were that 'un-busy', perhaps they could be taking care of stuff. We ate at the 'grill' instead of sushi. The food was tasty, well cooked to specs, though some pieces were not sliced all the way through, making it tough to eat with chopsticks. Prices were a lot higher than expected - especially for the size of the entrees. A 6oz steak and 4 scallops was a bit much at $25 - I have seen the same dish at other teppanyaki places for about $16. The show was OK compared to other japanese grill places - the chef was fairly new though, slicing was poor, missed a lot, missed the plates when serving (lots of food on the table). He was definitely better at cooking the food than doing the presentation. One note here is fairly important - the chef needs to choose his food to 'throw' at you to catch with your mouth a little better, and he needs to work on his aim. He chose a piece of my steak - done medium, so it was rather, well, juicy. That and the extra sauces on it made it quite juicy, which was delicious, but when he underthrew the first piece at me, the juices made a mess of my white pants, then the second piece was also underthrown and made a mess of my nice silk hawaiian shirt and my pants. This was quite an unpleasant surprise when I got home. So, food - pretty good, service - mediocre, decor - expected, show - below expectations, price - way too high for what I got, not to mention the cleaning bill. I think next time I'll stick with the sushi.

6/29/09 LM: This is a friendly place. Like most Japanese restaruants the wait time can be slow to recieve your sushi. However I find the service far better than Ayomatus. The hostess/waitress who seems to be at the restaurant 24/7 is very friendly and attentive. I enjoy the sushi a great deal and love that they offer a soybean wrapper option which is easier for my 2 year old to chew. Their shrimp tempura rolls are a great deal as are their lunchtime bentos. However I wish they offered a real crab California Roll instead of only the imitation crab. When asked I was told this was because crab couldn't be served raw which simply made no sense since of course the crab would be cook! Also I would really appreciate a changing station in the bathroom. The atmosphere is much more pleasant than Ayomatsu's with far more inviting decor.

2/21/09 MS: As a vegetarian I love it there! We always sit at the grill so we have the entertainment along with the dining. The vegetable delight is soooo good! Fried rice is yummy, noodles are delicious, and the veggies grilled to perfection. But who could go wrong with all that butter? I would Highly recommend this restaurant. Especially for an office party, or for entertaining out of town guests. This is a real treat for me everytime I go. And the Plum wine is my favorite.

2/9/08 KJ: I've gotten sushi, udon soup and tempura here. I eat here not infrequently, usually at lunch. For my taste, the sushi and udon soup are much better than the stuff down the street. I'd stay away from Tokyo Steakhouse's tempura though, it's not light and crispy. For that, the other guys are tops.

8/13/08 MS: Went here to try out the new place to get sushi. Have to say, it was not good. I vastly prefer Aomatsu. It may be good for steak, but if you're craving sushi or tempera, good two blocks north. Suggested. click here to return to main review page

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