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06/19.10 BT: I picked up a pizza at Ciddici's the afternoon of June 19. Their pizza has always been one of my favorites, however this time there were VERY few toppings, esp. for the price. I was very disappointed.

04/09 RR: driving by ciddici's the other day, I noticed their sign saying "gluten free pizza". after going without pizza for over a year, I was thrilled and hurried back to try it. the gluten free offering is 10", and can be ordered with the same toppings and prices as their regular pizzas. when it arrived at our table,i was ecstatic; the look, the smell, and the taste were superb. the thin crust was crisp and delicious. i will recommend this pizza at ciddici's to my gluten free friends who will be as happy as i am.

"I like many kinds of pizza. If I happen to be in the mood for thin and crispy crust, I usually go see Tim at Ciddici's. The crust is king here and he gets it perfect. Also, I'm a railroad buff, so I enjoy hanging out in the converted Oregon Electric depot. Highly Recommended." +++

Ciddici's serves some of the best pizza in town. We usually buy the pizzas for "pick-up" to take home, but now and then we dine in. The atmosphere is pub-like with beer, wine, and a big-screen TV. It's nice if you plan on meeting with a large group.

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