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BS 9/20/08: I use to love going to Los Dos Amigos. It was my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Albany. My friends and I loved to meet there for margaritas and dinner. The last year I have been very disappointed and then my last visit has put me in the spot that I will not return to this restaurant. The staff is very rude, the food was mediocre, and it is still over priced. Let me explain: My mother and I had put together a party with some woman friends to meet at Los Dos. When I arrived and asked where the party was set up the Hostess pointed and said over there. When I reached the table my mom told me they did not have our reservation she had called in a month before. They did put some tables together and we were fine with that. Then they wanted to take the tables and kept asking us the whole night if we could move down so they could have the table for a party that was coming in (that never came). We said no because we still were expecting people, they were very put off by this. It took us 45 minutes to get menus, I finally flagged someone down to get a menu and they still took another 10 minutes. I understood that they were waiting for people to come in our party, but they never even checked if we wanted water or something to drink! When we finally did order and they brought the food back, 8 out of the 10 woman's plates were wrong. Five of the woman had ordered single items, not combo plates. When the combo plates were brought and the waiter was told this was not what they ordered, he told them sorry that is what you ordered and there was nothing he was going to do about it.My dinner was completely wrong. I had asked for a beef chimechanga and a chicken enchilada , I received a beef enchilada and a chicken chimechanga . One of the ladies had asked for Tapito, she never received it, the waitress had told her she would be right back with it, but we saw her moving tables instead. One of the ladies never received her drink either, that she waited for patiently. When I spoke with the manager, he never did apologize. He did give two of the ladies half off their plates. That does not make up for the other orders that were wrong or for the very, very rude service. I will not be returning to Los Dos Amigos and I will never recommend it again.

10/20/07 ZM: We moved to the Albany area in 1996. The first restaurant we went to was Los Dos Amigos. This quickly became our favorite restaurant. After the new Restuarant was built, we ate their frequently, sometimes 2 times a week! We noticed a few months ago the quality of the food started to go downhill. I had ordered a carne asada burritto that was 95% beans and rice. When I told the waitress, she quickly had them make me another. The next time I ordered the burrito, I experienced the same problem. When I went to the manager to complain, I explained to him that we had eaten at Los Dos for 11 years and that this was only the second time that I had any type of complaint. I also told him if I wanted a bean and rice burrito I would have ordered one. He didn't apologize, or even try to offer to rectify the problem. He told me he had just gotten back from Mexico, and he'd check with his staff, and then laughed at me. I walked out of that restaurant and told the waitress I wouldn't be back. We have not.

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