The Original Breakfast Albany User Reviews

2/14/10 JC: Not great: expensive for mediocre food. The decor is not my favorite - the mural looks like it belongs in an preschool. The service is quick and friendly.

8/08: "This place is all about breakfast and only breakfast. They serve nothing else. However, what they do serve they do very, very well. Your breakfast with beverage will run anywhere from $6-10 and you will receive PLENTY ... no make that HEAPS of really good food! If you order the biscuits and gravy (I guess I'm a southern boy at heart) you'll probably want to stick to just one. Yes, I said one. These are as enormous as they are delicious. Have you ever been disappointed with an omelet because it tasted a little scorched? Do MOST breakfast houses seem to serve them that way? This one doesn't. This is the only place where I've had a perfectly cooked omelet every time, and I've sampled several of the varieties. Like hash browns? Do you like them undercooked? Do you like them crisp on the outside but mushy like mashed on the inside? Me neither! But the ones they serve here aren't like that, they're GREAT! Recommended if you're hungry."

11/24/07 TD: [My] wife and I visited The Original Breakfast on black Friday and we were disappointed. The portions were sufficient but not what they used to be and the prices were definitely up (nearly all items are now $9.95 and coffee is $2.00). My Belgian Waffle was cold and came with a very small cup of syrup. The "butter" was whipped margarine (the waitress assumed it was butter but the cook verified that it was margarine). My wife's omelet was good size and nicely cooked. Service is still fast and courteous.

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