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8/21/08 MM: Great pizza, salads and sandwiches. The pasta dinners aren't anything amazing but the best deal on the menu for sure since they include a salad with their awesome homemade dressings and garlic knots! You do have to warn them you want your grinder cold because otherwise it's going to be served hot. The garlic knots are awesome. The servers are friendly and even when crowded they seem to get the food out pretty quickly. I've also used them for catering and gotten great reviews.

And: "Okay, don't tell Tim (see Ciddicci's), but sometimes I sneak over here. The pies here are really good, maybe even better than Ciddicci's, but it's farther away and there aren't very many tables. The atmosphere is kind of marginal. It's located in the strip mall storefront that used to be El Commodore (a terrible place that I used to refer to as 'El Cuspidor'). But go there for the food! Seems like a family-run outfit, and the help is friendly. Also Highly Recommended." +++

And: We love the food here. It is one of the only Italian restaurants in town. Not only do they serve great pizza, but you can also order spaghetti, fetticine, and regular or caesar salads. They are good about calling for take-out if you want to dine at home.

And: Pizza Amore Is the best pizza house since Pachino^Òs in the mid to late seventies was here, in fact Pizza Amore is much better. We love it. Great price and fantastic food. We usually call in our order and by the time we arrive less than 15 minutes later it is fresh out of the oven and ready to go. The service is excellent and the people are great.

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