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4/7/10 ER: High praises for "Spice & Ice" in Rays' complex in North Albany. They not only are forward thinking with a Gluten Free Menu, they have really good food. Gelatto (Italian ice cream) is made by them onsite! I was very impressed. Highly recommended by three of us.

The flavors and freshness of their dishes are quite good. I've eaten there over a dozen times and have yet to find one of their selections I didn't like. The quality, flavor and portions are consistent. My personal favorite is their Beef Curry. The gelato is awesome, and the service has always been good and friendly. I consider this good quality asian fusion restaurant food served in a casual format. A- or B+ at least.

4/22/09 LN: I recently went to the Restaurant in North Albany, Spice and Ice. I had seen the advertisement for the steamed burgers, which I had also seen on the Food or Travel Channel so was intrigued. Myself and a friend placed our order and were not given a number or told how we would receive our food, so we filled our drinks and went and sat down expecting our order to be brought to us. We then heard the server call out "cheeseburger, no onions" several times, which was what I had ordered. It was very fast, but we thought ok... food is ready. My friend went to the counter and there were two burgers. A cheeseburger without onions, which is exactly how I had ordered it and a plain hamburger.. which was not what my friend ordered. He ordered the Hawaiian burger, but he is not one to complain so he took it, figuring that they had just forgotten the slice of pineapple. We got ready to eat, but there was no ketchup to be found. We had to go back up and ask and one of the servers took it from someone else's table. Apparently they only have one bottle of ketchup for the entire restaurant as 1/2 way through our meal that same server asked us if he could have the ketchup back and then handed it to another table. Further into our meal with our burgers 3/4 finished we heard our names being called. We were obviously confused as #1. no one ever asked us for our names or told us they would call our names when the food was ready. #2. we were already eating what we thought was our order. My friend went up to the counter and a female in a white chef's coat (owner, cook, manager? who knows as she was not wearing a name tag and did not introduce herself) said that our order was ready. My friend explained that we had already picked up a previous order, thinking that it was ours and that we were almost finished with the meal. The female then became quite upset, pointing at another table and loudly exclaimed, "that was their order... the burgers take at least 10 minutes to cook and you took their order". Of course now I was utterly embarassed and the people at the other table were glaring at us. My friend tried to apologize and explain that we did not know they were going to call our names (which were apparently read off of the debit card receipts) and that we didn't hear anyone else's names, just "cheeseburger no onions" several times, so we thought it was our order. This female then argued that she HAD called the other people's names, but the funny thing is they didn't hear their names either as they never got up when we accidentally took their order. If all 4 of us had gotten up at the same time perhaps the mistake would have been caught immediately. At this point there was not much we could do so my friend sat back down and we finished our burgers in shame. It was a very uncomfortable situation. The other people took the new cheeseburger without onions (which apparently we had ordered the same thing) but the other person did not want the hawaiian burger (which was supposed to be my friend's) and had to wait while they prepared another one. Before we left, that same female in the white chef's jacket came up to us again, at our table this time, and rehashed the whole uncomfortable experience. She never apologized, but really just kept blaming us for taking the wrong order and reiterating that she had called the other table's names and that we had taken their food. I found that very unprofessional and embarassing. I didn't bother to ask for a manager, as she was acting like a person in authority, so if she was the manager obviously she was not going to care about my feelings or the poor customer service we were receiving at that moment. I almost apologized to the other table as we left, but I think this cook/manager/server/whomever she was had incensed the other people so much they wouldn^Òt even look in our direction. As for the food..... The burger was moist and tasty, but the bun was hard and dry and much too large for the burger as there was at least 1 inch of bun more around the burger. There was a very thick slice of unripened tomato which I had to remove and very thick/coarse cut pale, iceberg lettuce which I took most of off also. There was just a smear of some sort of sauce or mayo in the center of the bun, but not enough to even truly taste. The cheese was nice and thick and melty, but did not have a lot of flavor. The fries were bland and tasteless (probably the typical frozen variety) and I didn't eat very many of them. McDonalds makes much better fries. I probably would have went back a second time to give the cheesburger another chance, perhaps without the tomato... but due to the extremely embarassing situation that my friend and I experience I doubt that either one of us will set foot in Spice and Ice again.

Food is good and definitely fresh. Would like to have larger servings though. The gelato is good but they often seem to be out of a choc. flavor which I would guess is because it's popular but I don't usually find something else I'm interested in.

And: Spice and Ice is a great addition to Albany. The Mandarin Chicken is amazing. The employees are great and are very helpful. I had something I didn't like, and they were great about making the situation better. The Gelato was great too.

And: I've eaten there 3 times. Each time has been very good and timely. Could be more spicey and this coming from someone who does not like hot food.

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