Sybaris Bistro User Reviews


2/6/2008 WS: Sybaris is our favorite restaurant in the area. The menu changes every month and is always fresh, local, and adventurous - and the portions are MORE than generous. The service is great. The setting is upscale and comfortable at the same time. Can't say enough good things about Sybaris - make it your next nice dinner out on the town! (Ooh, and do try the signature dessert - the Sybaris cake is a knee-weakener.)

And: "We try to get to Sybaris at least once a month, because every new menu has something delicious on it! A wonderful place for a special occasion or a real treat."

And: We don't go here that often, but like to go when we have a special occasion to celebrate or when my husband has a business client in town. The food is very expensive, but they serve food you don't get anywhere else. An example would be Northwest game or fish. It is very gourmet and the wine selection is outstanding. On cold nights they have a fire going, which makes a nice ambiance.

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