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7/21/09 WM: My fiance and I absolutely love this place, the family that owns this restaurant are some of the nicest people we have met in Albany. The Korean Miso and Veggie Ramen are delicious, spicy and large portions, although the miso is only available on the weekends. The lunch specials are generous and consistently good, nothing fancy just filling and cheap. Neither of us can stand Love Love (the quality of meat, service and time it takes to make the food are all equally horrible), so we were more then happy to discover this lunchtime gem Two Rivers Mall. I recommend this place to everyone hungry for quick, cheap and tasty.

I have been going to Toki Teriyaki for over a year along with my two co-workers. We always get our soda from there because they allow a free refill. Today when I went there I was approached by the female owner and asked what I was doing getting a refill because I didn't ask her personally, this being said through her daughter who was translating. I asked why this was an issue now because I have been coming here for a year her daughter said nothing. I told them that my co-workers and I would be taking our business elsewhere and she just shrugged her shoulders. I was so shocked that our business meant nothing. My co-worker orders lunch there every day and I order lunch once a week or more and get soda every day. That's a good chunk of money to loose, but to treat your customers that way is ridiculous. I would never go there again and say to anyone else to stay away. Mad in albany

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