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5/7/10 SJ: This was our first return visit with the "new" menu. I've written two good reviews prior to this, but we were terribly disappointed this time. Our pizza was a thick, doughy slab. Nearly inedible. They're off my list for awhile.

SM 5/6/10: My wife and I eat regularly at Valentino's, and we've almost always been pleased. Yes, the menu has changed, but you can still get great pizza (much preferred over Cicicci's), and the "Adult Spaghetti" is a hearty, tasty dish. We've eaten the salmon dinner multiple times, and the fish is always prepared perfectly - never overcooked - and the price is hard to beat. The addition of live music in such an intimate setting makes it a great little gathering spot. Service is friendly and attentive. Wednesday night cruise-ins during the summer are a blast. We take out-of-town family and friends there often, and they're always impressed.

12/27/08 SJ: We visited Valentino's on Saturday (12/27) following their re-opening. Nice to have them back to normal - they're one of our "neighborhood" spots. We tried the Greek pizza this time - really good, with chicken, artichokes, kalamata olives, and feta on their signature herbed crust. Still recommended ++

Valentinos Owners: As the owners of Valentino's, we would like to let you know why we are closed temporarily. In early November, we had a water line break during the night, causing extensive water damage to the walls in the main part of the restaurant, the lottery room, and the kitchen. The re-construction is underway and we hope to be open mid-December. We will extend the November 30th expiration date for coupons to December 31st. The new Great Values coupon book went to print before we realized the extent of the damages. Please post the above on your website to let our customers know what happened. Thank you. [Ed note: we are always happy to post news from restaurant owners/managers]

5/12/08 OC: I have eaten at Valentino's on several occasions now. I love the atmosphere, it is very cozy. The service is spotty in my opinion. I had a drink that needed a refill, I placed it at the edge of my table and when they delivered my food they never refilled my drink. I had to go up to the counter to get a refill. Not a make or break situation that would keep me from coming back but I assume they are still figuring it all out. The food is good especially the pizza. The crust is chewy and kind of dense and has basil and oregano baked in. It is not like any other kind of crust I have seen and it is great. I would highly recommend getting the pesto sauce, roasted garlic, grilled chicken, onions and mushrooms if you like that, it was absolutely delicious. I would only say they need to add some salt to the pizza crust or somewhere. It lacks just that little extra bit of taste that comes from salt for me anyway. Their salads are also tasty. They use mixed greens tossed with black olives, parmesan and tomatoes. I also have tried the lasagna which was very well made using high quality ingredients. There is a lot of ricotta cheese in the lasagna vs. stringy mozarella so it would depend on your taste whether you would like the lasagna. The food is higher priced than other pizza/Italian restaurants in Albany but the quality is very good and the food very fresh. I would definitely recommend Valentino's and I have done so on many occasions.

4/20/08 CM: We recently went to Valentino's Pizza. The ambiance was very nice. It is definitely not a place for little kids, but if they are gone, a great place for conversation. The pizza was good, but my complaint was what I paid for what I received. The medium siza is comperable to a frozen pizza, but will run you upwards of $14.00. Again, the taste was good, but just not sure the $14 was worth it. I was suggest it, but PizzAmore and Ciddicis are still top dogs in Albany.

3/14/08 SJ: The wife and I made our second visit to Valentino's. The first time was on their second day in business, which was a little disorganized, so we wanted to return after a reasonable settling-in time. The atmosphere is somewhat bistro-like and subdued. It's the antethesis of someplace like Papa's or Pizza King (both noisy and full of kids). We ordered the Valentino, which was great. For my taste, the crust could have used a little salt - I have the same slight criticism of American Dream, which I also otherwise love. This being local to North Albany, we unsurprisningly ran into a couple of our neighbors and dined with them. They were similarly impressed. I should add that Valentino's also has pastas and calzone on their menu, and a selection of wines. Recommended ++

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