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10/2/09: My girlfriend and I visited the Vault on a Thursday night around 7 and we both were amazed at how beautifully decorated the restaurant was as soon as we stepped in the doors. We were seated immediately and our waiter just as quickly came over and greeted us. We ordered drinks which we received promptly in about five to ten minutes. Our server did a very good job and made sure we were well taken care of. Our entrees took a little long to get but it was well worth the wait. The Filet Mignon was deliscious! Overall our experience was great and we'll definitely be back. Albany needs more restaurants with this kind of quality and service. Thank you so much Vault 244.

10/22/09 GD: We arrived at The Vault right at 5:00 pm yesterday and we very pleased with the atmosphere and d├ęcor. Everything went down hill fast from there! We waited for over 20 minutes for our first round of drinks! When they did finally arrive, they were awful! Getting everyone at our table a round of shots even seemed to challenged the staff. How it could take 23 minutes to pour 7 shots I'll never understand. The appetizers we ordered took close to an hour to make it to our table. The waiter brought plates and napkins only after we had to request them. By the time he brought them we had finished the food. The cheese fondue was COLD! I don't know how this place is going to stay in business with such poor service.

9/24/09 DL: Interior has been done very nicely. The service is excellent. The drink menu is extensive. Though we only had drinks I did look over the food menu. They have a very nice selection of tapas and entrees. There's something for every taste. I will definitely be going back for dinner. It's nice to finally have a higher-end place to meet for drinks without having to go to Corvallis.

9/21/09 FA: My friend and I went to Vault 244 Saturday night for drinks and appetizers. I'm always a bit wary of attending a restaurant on opening weekend on the off chance that they haven't worked out the "kinks." Definitely NOT the case here. We arrived about 9 and the place was busy. We had a very short wait and were seated on the couch seats in front of the fireplace. It wasn't on (not cold enough) but still a comfortable seat. The decoration and environment are pleasant. Feels like a trendy restaurant while not coming off as stuffy. It got a bit noisy, but it wasn't intolerable. More like nice buzz of conversation and people having a good time. Our waitress was on the ball with drinks and food. I had a vodka gimlet. The second one was a bit different than the first, which the waitress explained was due to the fact that they had two bartenders. She then offered to make me a new one which I declined. We tried the salad and the hummus plate. The salad was very fresh, excellent dressing. The hummus was creamy and delicious. The plate came with pickled onions and a spicy red sauce on the unexpected and enjoyeable addition. The dinner menu looks tantalizing and I look forward to trying more of the items offered. We will definitely be going back! One small aside...if you are not accustomed to having 2 or 3 martinis, try to use the upstairs bathroom. The stairs to the downstairs bathroom are quite steep, especially on high heels. :-)

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