The Wine Depot User Reviews


8/21/08 MM: Wine Depot: Used to be my second favorite sandwich spot but it's moved to the top of the list! They're always busy and the sandwiches seem a little pricey for their size but they're good. We often use them for catering at work...not nearly as good (the sandwich catering is good...their hot meals...not so much).

This is one of my favorite places to meet friends for lunch. The soup, sandwiches, and salads are topnotch. They also have a huge wine selection there that you can buy as a gift or drink there. I haven't been there in the evenings, but I understand they have live music there. I also heard they have wine tastings sometimes, which I would love to go to sometime.

9/16/07 LM: Also good sandwiches but much smaller than Loafers for the same, or more. Plus I don't believe they make their own bread. Recommended

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